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Our Process

 "If you have an organised process, you have a clear pathway to success."

A considerate method of approach, we've found, is crucial to a steady and successful project, that delivers on time. We've outlined our general process below, the steps we take during our development processes are intended to ensure our standard of quality is met and your expectations and requirements are fulfilled within reason.

  • Meeting

    Preparations for the upcoming project. Briefing on the project requirements and abstraction of intitial project scope. 

  • Strategizing

    We consider and determine the most suitable approach of implementation to ensure a smooth and steady development process.

  • Look & Feel

    Conceptualizing an image of how you visualize your project. We design .psd layouts for desktop, laptop and mobile devices so you know what to expect. 

  • Development

    Coding based on the accepted look & feel. The length of this process is determined by the initial project scope – it’s dependent on the requirements of the site itself.

  • Testing & User Accpetance Phases

    Browser compatibility and responsive testing to ensure your website is available to users through the latest versions of the most popular web browsing platforms (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) and various mobile devices. User acceptance phases assist us in polishing up the end result. 

  • Launch

    Finalize hosting provider and the handover of the website. Our SEO services are on offer to give your website the starting campaign it needs for an adequate introduction to the world wide web. 


If you have questions, we have answers!

We've compiled a list below of some of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us a line and we'll respond with the answers you need. 

We believe in transparency, and an open and clear approach. No garden paths or bush whacking here - we give you the straight forward, honest answers that leave you reassured with managed expectations.

How long will it take for my web project to be completed?

The crucial question!

This depends wholly on the project requirements.

We believe a project should take the time it needs, nothing more, nothing less. If you need your site ready for launch on a given date, we will endeavour to meet that deadline, if it means staging development and updates so standard of quality can still be maintained, then we will outline a process that demonstates this, specifically suited to your requirements.

Where can I see some examples of your work?

This is our recently launched portfolio website. 

Here you can view the latest projects we've rolled out into production. We're constantly updating so check in periodically to view the latest.

View projects

Are there hidden costs associated with web design services?

We believe in transparency, our quotes cover all initial costs involved in development. Any additional costs, that are a result of further required development, or change requests, not part of the intial scope used to draw up the original quote, will be billed separately.

Can I see how many visitors I've had to my website?

You can, if you have Google Analytics account set-up and configured to track statistics of visitors on your site.

This is an aspect addressed during SEO campaigns.

Will I be able to update my site when it is done?

Yes, if it's simple content updates you require.

Our web development philosophy maintains that websites should be scallable and easily maintainable. This includes easy updates of existing components and content.

This is just one of the many reasons why we utilize robust and powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla.

These CMSs come with a back-end administration that makes it easier to manage and update your content.

Components, plugins and other code-based updates are better left to qualified developers, so if you require updates of this nature, we recommend contacting us to manage these requests.

Will my website be responsive and mobile-ready?

Your site visitors will expect mobile compatibility - so it's no longer a matter of preference, rather a matter of necessity. 

Because of this, we purchase robust and responsive themes that feature responsive and mobile ready frameworks and styles. In addition, we include allocated time in our quotes for responsive and adaptive design, tweaking and testing.

Once my website is live, Do I have to pay to keep it there?

Website hosting, email hosting and the domain registration renewals are the minimum annual costs for any website. If it is a e-commerce website which accepts data via secure forms, you need to renew SSL certificate on yearly basis, unless you purchase it for multiple years. If your website is very popular and exceeds the allocated bandwidth, there may be additional bandwidth fee.

Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?

Our services are diverse, and cover hosting as well as server-side and client-side development. So there's a very good chance we can, but if not, we let you know before you make a commitment.

Our focus is primarily on Unix server designed sites, specializing in coding languages like php, javascript, mySQL, css, html.

We've had many challenging requests from clients over the years and we have managed to find the appropriate solutions for each.

How much will a website cost?

Our rates are billed hourly, total costs of websites depend wholly on the initial project scope and requirements.

If you have a reasonable budget, we can prepare a suitable quote that meets it.

Do you re-design existing websites?

Yes, the fact is, websites have a very short expirary date. It is often the case that sites require updates to the framework, or code bases, simply because they have become outdated. 

Code is always improving, it has too, so this means websites need to keep up with the trends.

If not, sites will eventually break, become, essentially, inoperable. A situation every web master, or owner, has the responsibility of avoiding.

We've updated many static sites to CMS sites. This gives us access to extensible programming and a powerful and scallable framework, that is painless, and time-effective, to build upon, improve and maintain.