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Insight Survey

is a Proudly South African MARKET RESEARCH and CONSUMER INTELLIGENCE company that conducts market research and analysis to ensure smarter, more-profitable decisions are made – imperative when economic conditions are challenging.

About The Project

Insight Survey approached us with concept they needed to see established online.

A market research company with the primary focus on the early marketing planning phase of the marketing cycle, to ensure smarter, more-profitable decisions are made before launch. They required a website that would effectively reflect their services and accurately represent their corporate identity, while still appealing to their intended market.

This was an enjoyable and painless site to develop, and a smooth project overall. Insight Survey were a pleasure to work with, and it’s easy to see why they’re involved in such an industry. Their communication and vision was concise and clear at all times, because of this, the development process was one of the most efficient we’ve handled to date.

The WordPress CMS solution we offered them was more than enough to meet their requirements. In addition, we took care of their corporate branding, from the logo design to social networking branding, creating a unique online presence, easily associated with Insight Survey.